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Yevheniia (Jenny) Bielskikh

Team Assistant next level consulting

My main duties

As a team assistant, it is my job to provide help in various cases. My main tasks include operational support for the Head of Group Sales & Marketing, including coordination and execution of acquisition tasks, training coordination and preparing materials for presentations. I find it incredibly exciting and interesting to be involved in so many different areas and processes.

My private interests

I love to read (mostly science books and classic Russian literature), take analog pictures and listen to music on my record player. My weekend usually involve spending time in nature or taking dance classes. 

 Yevheniia (Jenny) Bielskikh Bild Trainer


Yevheniia (Jenny) Bielskikh

next level holding GmbH.

Floridsdorfer Hauptstrasse 1, 1210 Vienna

Tel: +43/1/478 06 60-0

Fax: +43/1/478 06 60-60