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Consulting in Process Management

What we can do for you:

Through the use of pilot processes we facilitate the introduction of process management in your organisation. This can be for individual processes or for all processes in your organisation.

We analyse existing process documentation and guidelines and conduct interviews. The findings allow you to plan the next steps towards improved process management in your organisation.

IAs part of the process management as-is analysis you will receive a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your process management. This analysis will assist you in setting project management goals and improving processes. It is compiled on the basis of current guidelines, process maps, standards of process documentation and the knowledge of relevant staff in your organisation. You will receive feedback on current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your organisation.

We assist you in choosing and evaluating suitable tools for analysing your processes.

We determine the maturity of your entire process management or specific processes in your organisation.

Utilising the BPM Maturity Model EDEN we talk to selected stakeholders about the current status of your process management. The resulting report shows a clear picture of the current maturity, and offers an overview of short- and medium–term improvement opportunities. This allows your management to discuss potential next steps and make decisions on how to advance process management in your organisation.

Data for individual process steps are captured online in order to analyse the process and provide you with information on how to improve your processes.

We support you in demarcating processes and to documenting them so that they can be analysed and optimised.

We assist you in defining standards for your organisation that will result in uniform and clear process documentation.

We assist you to generate a process map that enables top management to strategically manage processes.

We capture existing data regarding processes and use these to develop key indicators that will provide you with feedback that takes the current process map and the company’s strategy into account.

We help you to create process standards and process management structures. This provides your senior management with a basis for making strategic decisions regarding processes.

Process management is the basis for developing your business processes. Working together, we identify the necessary decision making structures, information, standardised agenda and meeting participants needed for making the best possible decisions. It is our goal to align the management of individual processes with the strategic goals of the company.

Through well-structured, standardised reports we assist you in making processes more transparent and easier to understand.

We show you how to identify optimisation opportunities in your processes and how to leverage them.

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