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Better Decision-Making in Organisations

This training is only available as inhouse training.

In order to enhance the quality of decisions, the decision-making process must first be examined. In this training you will learn how to analyse behaviours in decision-making processes, how to identify possible risks in decision-making behaviours and how to help individuals and teams to make more conscious and better decisions.

What you will learn

  • The basics of decision-making
  • Becoming aware of your personal behaviour and style as a decision-maker
  • Communicating decisions
  • Making decisions in complex situations
  • Decision-making profile on the basis of the KAIROS®-Method
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles to decision-making
  • Improving the quality of decisions
  • Applying the tools in your personal work environment


2 days

equals 14 PDUs (Professional Development Units for the re-certification according to PMI®)
equals 16 QHs (Qualifying Training Hours for the re-certification according to IPMA®)


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