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Change Narratives - Communicating Change

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Change needs a strong narrative. Everyone on the team needs to understand why your change is important and how change efforts will pay off – also on the personal level. This training will show you, through examples and by introducing you to a methodology and tools, how to communicate change and how to develop your own change story.

What you will learn

  • Understanding the factors which determine a successful change communication
  • Learning skills and techniques for developing a change narrative
  • Developing a target group analysis and assessment
  • Setting up a communication plan and planning a budget
  • Use of images and metaphor
  • Implementing workshops with decision-makers
  • Addressing staff morale as well as their feelings
  • Using music, videos and short plays as communication media
  • You will also receive templates and other aids to develop your own change narrative
All information at a glance (PDF)

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