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Eigenland® - Intuitive Analysis for Organisations

This training is only available as in-house training.

Do you think that your projects and change processes do not run smoothly? Would you like clarity about the causes and reasons? In this training, you will learn how to use the innovative and intuitive Eigenland® analysis to find answers to your questions. You use the playful power of gamification and discover still unused potential in your project and change management.

What you can expect

Project Management

  • Project-Health Check: How is your project coming along?
  • Project Management Health Check: At what stage is your project management?
  • Project Manager Assessment: How good are your project managers' skills?

Change Management

  • Change Assessment: At what stage is your change process?
  • Change Management Assessment: How does your company deal with change?


1 day (8 hours)

Watch our video about Eigenland® and learn how this analysis works in only two minutes. The one-day workshop is anything but ordinary.

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