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07.08.2020 | News

Interim Manager Marcus Wenkel in a short interview

Since November 2016 Marcus Wenkel enriches the next level consulting team in the nlc region Germany as Interim Manager. In a short interview he gives insights about himself and his work.

Can you describe yourself in a few words?

I take on responsibility in decisive phases, solve roadblocks to success and bring a clear view and structure back into your business.

Which professional experiences can your clients benefit from?

The basis of my professional experience since 2005 is operations management, process and project management as well as leadership experience. I have gained these skills in international corporations, medium-sized companies and small startups. In the past 5 years I have developed and helped to drive and shape (digital) strategy developments as well as change management and restructurings as Interim Manager, Trusted Adivisor and Coach.

My clients are mainly insurance companies, IT and software development companies as well as logistics and energy supply companies. Since my services are always individualized and at the same time not bound to a specific industry, my industry spectrum has expanded in the last few years to include companies  from media, retail, automotive and engineering.

What are the last assignments you have been working on?

1) The challenge:

Rapid development of a digital product for over 10 million users of a health insurance company. The goal and the process were unclear. There were new roles and tasks. The flexibility and performance of the team were at risk.

My approach:

I worked with the entire team to clarify the vision, goals and guidelines. With such a strong, diverse team, it was not easy to reconcile all interests from stakeholders to project managers and technical experts. I defused conflicts and at the same time kept the space open for reflection, process improvements and cooperation. This enabled the development of a process model for the team and brought structure and clarity. I helped product managers, subject matter experts and division managers to find their role and maximize the outcome of the project.


Successful beta phase with a stable and efficient team
Goal On-Time: After the successful go-live, millions of users now use TK Safe - the electronic health file


2) The challenge:

An expanding logistics company needed transparency about its activities and projects in the IT and non-IT sectors at its headquarters and at more than 50 locations worldwide. C-Level wished to manage the strategic portfolio and achieve a simple, common understanding with the project managers.

My approach:

Among other things, I communicated the approach as a speaker during a global management retreat, networked with the managers and project leaders and was thus able to drive the change quickly. By introducing portfolio boards in conjunction with the corresponding processes, CEO, CFO and COO quickly gained transparency and clear, direct controlling options.


Improved project portfolio management for CEO, CFO and COO
Introduction of company-wide standards for projects
Significantly increased reaction speed towards changing customer needs or environmental changes


What do your clients particularly appreciate about your performance as an interim manager? And how do you manage to familiarise yourself with a new assignment as quickly as possible?

They call me a professional optimist. I get things done. When I start my work, I have clarified my assignment with the client. With my experience as an executive, project manager and agile coach, I can assess challenges from a variety of angles and propose a suitable, coherent approach for each client project. I give teams a structured framework and the confidence to work in the right direction. The team and I move forward, reflect with stakeholders, sharpen the course and deliver reliably.

Why do you think it makes sense for companies to use interim managers?

Interim managers bring a breath of fresh air and new impulses into the company and its projects. If a project goes wrong or the team doesn't perform, interim managers can quickly change course - just as if those in charge are stuck in a dead end or have lost track. Interim managers are not part of the inner circle of the client company and can speak straightforwardly.

 What do you do when you are not doing interim management?

I live with my family with two small daughters (2 and 18 months, as of May 2020) in the north of Hamburg. I enjoy the familiar suburban atmosphere, the peace and quiet and the forest there. When the city dweller in me awakens, I enjoy the hanseatic charm of Hamburg, having a coffee on the Alster.

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