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14.02.2020 | News

Interview with our Expert Katharina Heger on group dynamics, the exciting interaction within teams and teambuilding games

1. What is the benefit for the company of dealing with dynamics in groups?

"If we enjoy our work, success comes naturally!" (after Ernst Ferstl)

Successful teams are no coincidence. It requires an appreciative attitude to work well together and a common vision that breaks down into goals and brings us closer to them. We help to maximize the Team & Work energy-balance and develop new ways of energy generation with people.

2. What are the benefits for the managers and their teams?

"The future depends on what we do today." (Mahatma Gandhi)

We experience a world of change - with different speeds, in different dimensions. Management, employees and the cultures are challenged to reinvent themselves in a dynamic and volatile environment. Let's shape our working world of tomorrow together and bring our teams on board.


3. What are the challenges of group dynamics (for companies, managers, teams)?

"We've never tried that before, so it's probably going to work."(Pippi Langstrumpf)

The challenges for managers are to work out these solutions together with their teams to make them become reality:

How do we develop into high-performing teams, with the joy of acting together, in new working environments?
Which processes, structural and cultural elements are needed as tomorrow's organization?
We are right in the middle of the biggest transformation in economic history and the world of work. Rules, processes and norms that were valid yesterday are no longer useful for common orientation today and have a blocking-effect. Change processes are accompanied by fears and concerns. We are trying to transform these forces into resources. It feels good when everyone is involved, it contributes their potential.

4. How far have teambuilding games developed over the last 20 years?

In leadership trainings and workshops there have been a lot of experience-oriented games that were focused on a strong leader. For years we have been experiencing a great transformation towards exercises that make the maturity level of self-organisation and personal responsibility of teams visible, e.g. decision-making in teams, values, sense & purpose of joint action and much more.


5. Which is your favourite teambuilding game? Why?

I like working with the Design Thinking Box, it contains everything you need to abstractly present complex challenges and make them discussable. It is eye-opening for me how quickly the topics are solved when it is haptical in front of you. The teams use these prototypes to further develop their challenges or to tackle energy-consuming conflict issues that previously led to stagnation or "thick air".


6. What would be your definition of a manager in the age of digitalization 4.0?

As a manager, I would like to be able to meet the challenges of the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world so that I can support my team better in implementing customer needs. I can solve tasks in a dynamic environment with high complexity together with my team.

"Whoever does what he already can, remains what he already is." (Henry Ford)

New parameters require new thinking and action.

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