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Lenka Backai, MA

Marketing next level holding

My main duties

My tasks are quite varied, since I am in charge of both the Slovakian and Czech regions. I am first and foremost responsible for Sales and Business Development; I design and implement marketing activities in both countries and support our customers. My inter-cultural experience helps me apply the appropriate strategy and better understand customers.

My private interests

When I am not at work or at university, I spend most of the time with family and friends in nature. Dancing and photography are my favourite activities.



 Lenka Backai Bild Trainer


Lenka Backai
+43 1 4780660-459

next level holding GmbH.

Floridsdorfer Hauptstrasse 1, 1210 Vienna

Tel: +43/1/478 06 60-0

Fax: +43/1/478 06 60-60