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Omid Fadaeimanesh

Consultant next level consulting

My main duties

I’m coaching 20 businesses in my knowledge-based holding company. Obviously, design and evaluation of business models, negotiation and funding, team building, leadership and project management involved in my daily works. I’ve been lectured R&D, innovation and technology management topics within last two decades. Managerial solution providing and consulting in less than 300 companies are not only my major profession but also are major interest of mine.

My qualifications

  • Experience-oriented lecturer
  • Result-oriented coach and consultant
  • Founder, CEO and board member within last 25 years
  • Multi-cultural living and studying (Canada, Europe and Asia)
  • Engineering skills and algorithmic problem solving
  • Multi-variety learning and project conducting

My experience

  • 25 years experience as a founder, CEO, Board member
  • Lecturer at the University of Tehran, with a focus on “Customer behaviour analysis”
  • Consulting and training in about 300 companies
  • 8 years experience in hardware and software (as a designer and project manager)
  • 9 authored books
  • Founder and coach in 20 start-up companies

My private interests

I love adventures, especially climbing and skiing in the mountains. I have a strong passion for research and development (R&D).


Omid Fadaeimanesh

next level holding GmbH.

Floridsdorfer Hauptstrasse 1, 1210 Vienna

Tel: +43/1/478 06 60-0

Fax: +43/1/478 06 60-60