next portfolio

This tool gives you a quick overview of all your projects.

With next portfolio, you have all your data in one place. Up-to-date and meaningful data is the basis for well-founded decisions. With the help of the project portfolio evaluations in next portfolio, you can recognize deviations, trends and structural problems at management level at an early stage and react to them in good time: Benefit from the advantages of a central database in combination with the familiar MS Excel user interface.

A quick start

A quick start

The user interface is Excel-based and ready for immediate use, the database is stored in a central MS SQL database.

Compact webinars and practice-oriented classroom training make it easy to get started straight away - you can become an application expert in just one day!

next portfolio supports the PMO in consolidating and visualizing data from all projects. Support your management in making decisions on prioritizing, commissioning, interrupting or reallocating resources to the right projects.

Precisely tailored to your needs

Armin Buchner, next level consulting

Precisely tailored to your needs

next portfolio is flexible and offers a range of interfaces.

We offer to customize next portfolio to your specific needs:

Initially, the portfolio tool is already sensibly preconfigured. However, you can flexibly add and change fields, filters, templates, resource and cost types, etc. We are happy to support you in implementing the reports you need.

Our tools are optimized to make adjustments beyond the intended configuration with little development effort (adaptation of terminology, modified calculations, interfaces to third-party systems, additional report formats).

Flexible license model

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Flexible license model

In addition to the free and unlimited light version, we offer a flexible and simple license model. next portfolio can be purchased once or rented without an initial investment.

next portfolio already offers comprehensive basic functionality: a license for a maximum of 10 active projects starts at 2,183 euros in the purchase version. However, optional license modules (especially interfaces) are available (which can also be activated at a later date if required).

A price calculator allows you to configure the tool according to your needs and calculate the license costs yourself.

Project pipeline

The most frequently used report displays the current projects on a “pipeline”:

Here, the defined project phases are converted into numbers and arranged on a user-defined diagram background.

The projects can be visualized in different sizes according to a numerical value (such as budget) and colored according to a drop-down field (such as traffic light status).

Project pipeline

The portfolio diagram offers configuration parameters, such as the filtering of projects and other four elements:

A numerical value (such as risk) is often applied to the X-axis and Y-axis. Projects can also be stacked or displayed in a uniform size.

In this way, for example, all projects can be compared in the idea phase in terms of benefit/expense and risk as a basis for project commissioning.


The matrix chart is similar to the portfolio chart - but shifts the coordinates slightly within clusters to avoid overlapping multiple projects.

A popular configuration is the Eisenhower portfolio, where projects are categorized according to priority and urgency.

Project Gantt

As in the individual project, the projects are visualized on a uniform time scale with time-proportional bars.

The projects can be visualized very compactly with a bar - or additionally with a basic plan, milestones and dependencies between them.

The visualized key date makes it easy to see what is happening in parallel, should start soon or be comple


Project Gantt
Strategy / Feasibility

Projects can also be easily evaluated in terms of their benefits using a drop-down menu or a number field.

However, there is also the option of storing and weighting the company's strategies in the system and evaluating the individual projects in this regard.

These evaluations can then be consolidated into a strategy fit and also visualized in reports (such as a portfolio chart).

The same can be done for feasibility in order to prioritize projects with a high strategic contribution that can be easily implemented.

Strategy / Feasibility

The general dependencies between projects can be defined (direction, strength) - the schedule dependencies can be defined via milestones.

Whether a project depends on a large number of projects or vice versa can be identified via the consolidated driver or follower values and visualized if necessary.

Dependencies can be visualized via arrows in the project Gantt or in the dependency matrix as a table.

Ressourcen und Kosten

Resources and costs are differentiated according to resource and cost types. Planned, incurred, current expenses or costs can be used as a diagram dimension.

It is also possible to visualize the efforts with regard to the time component in a resource histogram. In this way, the need for resources on the individual project plans can be compared with their availability and bottlenecks can be identified at an early stage.

Ressourcen und Kosten
Project Viewer

Most of the reports in next portfolio relate to several projects. In the project view, the KPIs of an individual project can be consolidated on one page:

Discuss all projects with a red traffic light status in management without having to delve into the individual project plans.

Get a quick overview of content, progress, status and the schedule and budget situation.


Project Viewer

next portolio is embedded in the Microsoft Office environment, so it is possible to import project data from Excel or export the project table, export texts and graphics to PowerPoint or SharePoint or generate update reminders via MS Outlook.

next project offers an interface for reading master data from the next portfolio database and transferring/updating project data.

Interfaces to third-party systems (such as ERP systems) can also be implemented via customizing, for example to import actual expenses or actual costs.


The most important new features in version 5

New design: Loose, light and easier to read.
Multilingual usability: Languages other than German and English are easy to add.
The new “Hyperlink” field type enables navigation from the project table to the work package in next project.
The evaluations have been optimized.
Interfaces: Optimization of the database and npj interface, addition of an MS Outlook and MS SharePoint interfac

next portfolio light

next portfolio light is the free basic version of next portfolio. With this fully functional tool, you can manage up to 5 projects and use the predefined evaluations. No central database server is required for the light version.

What our clients say

Mag. Reinhard Prey
Corporate Development, VERBUND AG

"Since 2004, VERBUND has been using next level consulting’s project portfolio management solutions. In 2014, we switched to the database-based next portfolio in combination with Infopath forms. Our project managers can upload their current project data directly into the database as well as download the latest data from the database. This feature has had a major impact on data availability, and project portfolio reporting has been significantly reduced. In addition, we can flexibly export information from next portfolio to any SharePoint list (for example, Lessons learned from Close-down reports). The high degree of flexibility of the tool thus offers numerous application possibilities and covers our requirements ideally."

Herwig Kerschbaum, zSPM
System Technology, Project Management, ÖBB-Technische Services GmbH

"Why did we choose next project and next portfolio?
That is quite easy to answer. On the one hand, I can provide our project managers with a "central thread" for my work and provide them with all important data with our interfaces on time. On the other hand, I have all the data available in next portfolio at all times – thus our management is always informed."

Peter Minar, MSc
Partner, next level holding GmbH

"We use the next pm suite ourselves. Our project managers plan projects with next project. They report a current status every other month. The data in next portfolio is updated via project assignments and status reports, and on this basis decisions are made in the framework organization, and projects are prioritized. I've seen a lot of tools in my consulting career with customers, and I love to work with this simple and widely accepted IT support."

Siegfried Weikl, B.A.
Project Manager, BUWOG AG

"In conjunction with the project management tool next project, which was already used by us, we were able to use the relevant synergies for the company-wide project portfolio evaluation and use next portfolio to bundle the existing project data.
With this application, we are able to evaluate important information such as resource utilization, budgets and project progress on a group-wide basis from the internal project portfolio management of the BUWOG Group, and use it as a basis to prepare strategic decisions for our top management."

Christoph Doerfflern
Head of Project Management, Austrian Energy Agency

"The Austrian Energy Agency is a project-oriented non-profit scientific association. The efficient management of our projects is particularly important for our customers and our employees. With next level consulting, we have set up the necessary tools (next project and next portfolio) in the establishment phase and subsequently continually developed them according to the requirements. As a result, we have optimized our projects in an optimal way and are therefore prepared for the future. Through regular project management trainings and other project management activities, we create the basis for the continuous development of the project culture in the Austrian Energy Agency."

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