Reflect. Accompany. Support. Encourage.

We support project managers, process owners and change managers or even the entire team in professionally mastering particularly challenging tasks. With experience, enthusiasm and expertise, our coaches provide orientation, neutral perspectives, goal-orientated communication and confidence to act.

The next level coaching approach is based on the principles of confidentiality, impartiality and neutrality, solution and resource-orientation, voluntariness, equality and respect.

Our services:

One-to-one coaching
for project managers, certification candidates, project sponsors, programme managers, PMO managers, process owners, process owners, change managers or change agents
for core project teams, process management teams, change teams
Group coaching
e.g. for a group of project managers, group of process owners, certification candidates
Organisational coaching
e.g. for teams, departments or organisational units that are being newly formed

Training recommendation: Professional Coaching course!

Coaching Situation aus dem Lehrgang

Training recommendation: Professional Coaching course!

Is your organisation project-driven? Do you work in the context of agile teams and projects and need to facilitate and promote their self-organisation? In 3 core modules you will learn the mindset, attitude and tools of the trade as a coach.

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