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Digital. Personalised. At any time.

The digital transformation is changing all areas of the world of work. Having the right knowledge at the right time is crucial. With digital learning formats, you can react more quickly to changing needs.

Digital learning routes for your employees

Relevant knowledge at the right time. This is the challenge facing every HR department when it comes to learning in the future. In order to meet the demands of an ever faster changing world of work, fast, flexible skills development is required. And thus a form of further training that allows specialised knowledge to be acquired in a targeted and needs-based manner.

Knowledge, didactics and technology from a single source

Thanks to our specialist expertise and in-house production, we can provide you with e-learning in the form of videos or interactive modules according to your individual requirements - whether to accompany classroom training or as a purely digital learning course. Our portfolio already includes numerous e-learning modules that are ready for immediate use on their own or in combination with classroom training.

Increase effectiveness

Increase effectiveness

Whenever a new knowledge gap arises and the workflow is interrupted, you need a solution that works sustainably. In order to do justice to current topics such as agility and digitalisation, fast, flexible skills development is required. Expertise should also be developed in a targeted manner and tailored to the employee's needs.

Be one step ahead

Be one step ahead

And work with us to develop your in-house learning programme, which can be accessed at any time and is modularly adaptable. If you want to quickly build up the knowledge of new colleagues in certain departments or want to establish global standards as an international company, then our new approach is just right for you.

Your benefit

  • Reduced (opportunity) costs: Your employees acquire knowledge in small steps in self-learning mode without having to leave the workplace for long periods of time.
  • Learning at any time and on demand: The digital modules allow knowledge gaps to be filled as soon as they arise. By directly applying knowledge, learning happens on the side.
  • Modular adaptability of content: Modules can also be exchanged during ongoing learning programmes.
  • Optimum practical transfer: The time in supplementary face-to-face training sessions can be used flexibly to address the specific challenges faced by participants in their everyday lives.
  • Increased efficiency for participants: The ingenious combination of digital and analogue learning formats supports transfer effectiveness through contextual relevance. Playful learning in e-learning keeps participants engaged and motivated.
  • Measurable progress: Your LMS (Learning Management System) access allows you to easily track where your employees are in their knowledge development.
  • Quality assurance: All participants have access to a central content source that has been approved by you and can repeat and practise provided modules at any time.

How to get to your training concept

In a joint co-creation workshop, we determine the skills required.

Based on the results, you receive a customised learning course. The individualised and interactive knowledge elements start exactly where the learners are currently at in their development.

Via online access, participants can expand their knowledge with personalised digital learning modules in the form of e-learning, e-readers, exercises, tests, videos, etc.. This enables flexible and personalised learning wherever and whenever you want.

Supplementary face-to-face training sessions can be used to practise the knowledge learnt and also apply it in practical examples. In this way, the time in the group is used optimally to exchange ideas with like-minded people and experts.

Create your own customised offer

Do you already know the training needs of your employees?
You can immediately choose from our tried-and-tested knowledge modules.

Are you looking for a customised solution for your company that you would like to actively help shape?
We will work with you to develop the right solution.

Create your own customised offer

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