Successful processes in focus

We support you in the systematic planning, implementation, monitoring and optimization of business processes. This way, efficiency, quality and effectiveness can be increased in order to achieve your corporate goals.

Armin Buchner, next level consulting

The task of process management is to design, control and optimize business processes. By managing processes in companies, efficiency can be increased and collaboration can be improved, and digital transformation can be driven forward. Effective processes are crucial to being successful in competitive markets.

The most important building blocks for effective process management

Grafik zu Prozessmanagement Strategie


The introduction or further development of process management is associated with high expectations in many different ways. The company's vision and strategy are the basis for aligning process management activities.

Grafik zu Prozessmanagement Struktur


Derived from the strategic orientation towards process management, structural tasks arise such as process definition, the establishment of a process organization as well as the development of the process map and a guideline for process management.

Grafik zu Prozessmanagement Kultur


Culturally, process management projects can result in fundamental changes in an organization. Tasks to support this well include clear roles and team understanding as well as supporting the change through change management.

Our services for process management

Processes under control
Consulting with a clear goal
We help you improve and optimally manage recurring processes in your company - and optimize time, costs, quality or customer satisfaction. Together with you, we find effective and sustainable solutions for your requirements.
Basics to MBA
Training and Development
We offer you a wide range of training and development in process management. Find out about the new "Compact Course in Process Management" and other training courses in our public program or have a training course tailored to your needs.
Process tools
Software: next process
This process manual template can be filled out quickly and easily and supports you with central process management methods in the operational planning and control of your processes.
Support for process managers
Customised coaching
We support project managers, process owners and change managers or even the entire team in professionally mastering particularly challenging tasks. With experience, enthusiasm and expertise, our coaches provide orientation, neutral perspectives, goal-orientated communication and confidence to act
Emotional inspiration
We have successfully developed models for utilising emotions as a key factor in the success of your projects and your company. We support you in developing a culture with strong emotional potential and bring emotions out of the taboo zone and into the profit zone.
Interim management
Process managers, process controllers, process management competence centers? Our interim managers speak your language and know how your industry works.
Ulrich Adams
Member of the Executive Board Technology, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

„next level consulting has been supporting Deutsche Telekom with process management in the area of technology for several years. In training courses and workshops, sustainable structures were created for a well-founded development of expertise and for professional process organisation. next level consulting has understood how to put those responsible for process management in a position to independently set up and support continuous improvement processes.“

Mag. Ines Wilflingseder
eam Leader Audit & Organisational Development, viadonau Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH

„Thanks to the accompanying support from next level consulting, a transparent and customer-orientated process landscape was created. The establishment of process and impact controlling laid the foundation for the operational implementation of efficient and sustainable process management at viadonau. The result today is a living management system that reflects the corporate strategy and acts as a support system for further strategic developments.“

Mag. Bernhard Binder
Chief Financial Officer, WIFO - Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung

„With the support of next level consulting, both the requirements management and the project management process were put on a new and stable footing as part of an agile software development project. The design and implementation of efficient processes and the coaching of the employees involved was targeted and very effective. The implemented process model will also be of great benefit as a ‘blueprint’ for future projects.“

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