Emotional Inspiration

If people are doing well, the economy is doing well.

Christoph Rabl on Stage

Emotions influence our thoughts and actions, whether we like it or not. They can ruin or inspire our plans. We have successfully developed models for utilising emotions as a key factor in the success of your projects and your company. Motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm are difficult to prescribe. We help you to develop a culture with strong emotional potential and bring emotions out of the taboo zone and into the profit zone.

What we can do for you:

Cognitive Connection to Emotions

We assist your organisation in understanding the possibilities for working with emotions as well as accessing sources of emotions.

We can show you how you can explain a project or initiative, how you can charge it with positive emotion and secure buy-in by using music, images and narratives.

We compose and produce the soundtrack or video for your event, campaign, etc. in our next level emotion sound and video studio.

We get to the heart of your matter and then we bring it to the stage. You will find it enriched with the magic of emotion.

Professional presenters, actors, musicians and technicians will assist you in planning, executing and debriefing your event.