Inspire. Qualify. Support. Develop.

International, role-specific and holistic: our training and development program meets the needs of every role in project management, process management, change and agile management.

At the next level academy, we offer a broad open programme (for individuals) with over 75 courses and customized in-house training courses for organizations in all sectors - in German, English and many other languages.

From basic training to holistic, multi-year development programs (learning journeys) - next level trainers and coaches take a practical approach and turn your personal and professional development into an experience.

Build Your Competence

Variant 1: Ready2Go

The requirements, type and scope of the desired knowledge transfer are clear: our public training and further education programmes on this page are just right for you!

For example, you already work in project management and would like to become certified. Here you can access our proven preparation programmes.

Variant 2: Ready2Mix

A combination of proven training courses and customised adaptations.

For example, you would like to know what agility means for you. Our training offers an ideal knowledge base for this. Together with an experienced consultant, you will deepen the principles, values and methods that are important for your company to be able to react quickly to complexity and dynamics.

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Variant 3: Ready2Create

The requirements are unclear: The learning path should be actively co-designed.

For example, you want to develop a career path in project management and address specific company criteria. Together we will find the ideal learning path for optimal personnel development with the right mix of e-learning and face-to-face sessions with experienced trainers.

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