Eva Fürsich

Junior Consultant next level consulting

As a Junior Consultant, I support the entire process of various customer assignments. I am particularly interested in project and change management tasks as well as social skills. I am looking forward to holding the associated basic modules as a trainer and moderating workshops.

My qualifications

  • Business and law: State prize for the legal assistant degree
  • Bachelor in Economics and Psychology (B. Sc.)
  • Integrated coaching training
  • Psychological conversation skills
  • Focus on leadership psychology and change manage


My experience

  • Project management in various companies and agencies
  • Founding a start-up as part of the Management Basics module
  • Development of a management training program
  • Term paper in change management: improving employee satisfaction in a medium-sized company by introducing a cultural change
  • Seminar on self-empowerment
  • Thesis on the topic of sustainability and agility



I am a passionate cook and love the outdoors! My heart also beats for creative things like architecture and photography. If you don't find me drinking coffee with my friends or having a cozy evening, I'm either at Crossfit or traveling.