Digital Transformation

Digitalisation connects people and technology and thus has an impact on processes and business models in companies.
What does the future of work look like, how do people and technology harmonise and which business processes can be improved and digitalised? Make optimum use of the information and knowledge within your organisation and gain a competitive advantage.

What does digitalisation mean for you and your company?

Digitalisation is not a phenomenon that cannot be controlled. Below you will get an impression of what digitalisation is doing at certain levels and tips on how you can deal with it.


Components for success

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Design thinking takes place in teams. The members come from different disciplines and have different perspectives. A mix of internal employees, external participants or consultants is also conceivable.

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The implementation takes place in a defined process (6 phases). This can either be worked through as a sprint design or take place over a project period of up to 1.5 years. The definition of regular intervals is important here.


The environment should encourage creative thinking. This includes furniture that can be moved flexibly, sufficient space and materials for creating prototypes. The groups are able to exchange ideas with teams working in parallel at any time.

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