Consulting in process management

We support you in the systematic planning, implementation, monitoring and optimisation of business processes. In this way, efficiency, quality and effectiveness can be increased in order to achieve your business goals.

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The task of process management is to design, control and optimise business processes. By managing processes in companies, they can be controlled efficiently. By implementing process management, companies generate further potential - including digital transformation.

We support you in the implementation or further development of practised process management at a strategic and operational level.

Our offer:

Identifying and modelling processes

The identification and modelling of processes includes the recording and documentation of standardised procedures and forms the basis for analyses and optimisations.

The first step towards a professionally documented process is the identification and subsequent modelling of a process. The aim is to record the process as it is currently lived in practice, i.e. to record the actual process. This creates the basis for further steps such as analysing and deducing potential for improvement.

Potential services we provide to support you:

  • Defining and recording the current process (‘as is’ process)
  • Survey of existing responsibilities and systems used
  • Realisation of survey workshops
  • Support in the selection of a suitable modelling standard
  • Visualisation of the process in a normative logic (EPK, BPMN 2.0)
  • Definition of relevant process objectives and key figures
Identifying and modelling processes
Prozessmanagement Prozessabgrenzung und Kontextanalyse
Process optimisation

Process optimisation aims to improve existing processes in order to sustainably increase quality.

Process optimisation describes a systematic approach to analyse workflows in organisations, identify weaknesses and define an improved process. The aim is to make workflows as efficient and effective as possible while at the same time avoiding wasting resources such as time, money and energy.

Do you have the feeling that there is potential for improvement in your processes?

Potential services we provide to support you:

  • Definition of analysis tools (e.g. Lean, Six Sigma)
  • Analysing the process and identifying potential for improvement
  • Modelling of the optimised process (target process)
  • Definition and preparation of a CIP and effective process controlling
  • Development of change management support
Process optimisation
Prozessmanagement Prozessoptimierung
Development of process maps

The process map is the graphical representation of a company's business processes. It provides a holistic overview of the various processes and their interrelationships.

Applying the corporate strategy to a company's processes using a process map is a key challenge in process management. The process map should provide an overview of the most important activities in the company. We support you in setting up the process map as a central control instrument in the company.

Potential services we provide to support you:

  • Contribution of external perspectives on existing approaches
  • Preparation and realisation of workshops to develop the process map
  • Definition of process types and process hierarchy
  • Assignment of existing or newly defined processes to the process map
  • Definition of process owners and process owners
  • Graphical illustration of the process map
Development of process maps
Prozessmanagement Prozesslandkarte
Support with the introduction and further development of process management

Process management is an approach with a defined strategy, structure and culture, which form the basis for controlling and improving processes.

re you at the beginning of the introduction or at a critical point in the further development of process management? A holistic introduction or further development of process management as a management tool is the base for a sustainable and long-term orientation of the company. We accompany you with possible support services:

  • Setting up a strategy for the introduction or expansion of process management
  • Development and establishment of a process management structure (methods and tools)
  • Definition and alignment of the process culture (roles and responsibilities)
  • Accompanying the change project
Support with the introduction and further development of process management
Prozessmanagement Begleitung bei der Einführung und Weiterentwicklung
Digitalisation and automation of process management

By utilising modern technologies and digital solutions, manual processes in companies are largely automated.

The digitalisation or automation of processes means partially or fully automating existing manual processes with the help of technical solutions. This can improve efficiency, productivity and transparency in the company. We would be happy to assist you with challenges such as resistance to change, reducing complexity or integration into existing systems.

Potential services we provide to support you:

  • Analysis of existing processes for digitalisation potential
  • Support in setting up a project (or plan) to digitalise the selected processes
  • Development of a change roadmap (support for the change)


Digitalisation and automation of process management
Prozessmanagement Digitalisierung und Automatisierung
Support in developing of integrated management systems

Process management within the framework of integrated management systems (IMS) means aligning and optimising various business processes to meet the requirements of various management standards.

An integrated approach to process management ensures that the organisation's processes are consistent and efficient and support the overall objectives of the organisation. We are happy to support you in the process-orientated integration of related disciplines.

Potential services we provide to support you:

  • Consolidation of existing management systems with process management in relation to an IMS approach
  • Comparison of integrated management systems with external quality requirements (e.g. ISO)
  • Implementation of an internal control system (ICS according to COSO) for process risk management
Support in developing of integrated management systems
Prozessmanagement Digitalisierung und Automatisierung

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