Interim Experts for Your Projects

27. February 2019

Interim manager? Sure! Interim managers are well-known in many companies – for routine operations only. Now, this image is changing. They are also needed in projects. Why? Because companies and their products have to adapt to the ever changing, dynamic expectations of the market and consumers in faster and more flexible ways. This trend raises the importance of projects. As a result, project management is subject to change. The VUCA world has become an omnipresent concept, describing the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of today’s world. One of the many consequences is that project managers start projects without meeting the comprehensive requirements – an absurdity in the past, daily business today.

Keyword: Agility/VUCA World

This is the time for experts who have the skills to confidently deal with challenging speed and dynamics, the VUCA world, digitisation, agility, rigorous customer orientation, and abrupt market changes. This brings us back to interim management. Felix Schauerte, expert for interim management and organisational development at next level consulting Germany, warns that “companies often lack time to prepare their employees for such challenges.”  Thus, interim managers are a proven means for temporarily integrating the necessary skills. This is of particular importance in case of existential projects, resizing at short notice, set-ups of complex programmes, or urgent need for additional experts in projects.

Keyword: Change Competence

“What is more, we are experiencing an increasing demand for professional consultations for change processes in projects”, explains Felix Schauerte. “In fact, many digitisation projects are not exclusively IT projects, but also organisational development projects.” Therefore, highly qualified and experienced interim managers with up-to-date tools are needed to boost project and team efficiency. Felix Schauerte underlines that “change experts are both specialists and generalists.” They are specialists, because they know the industry and challenges specific to a project. And they are generalists, because they have leadership skills, knowledge of methods, experience with projects, and social skills

Keyword: Finding Experts

These so-called “specialised generalists” are hardly found via newspaper ads, let alone under time pressure. Apparently, there is more to finding an expert than an extensive address register. The establishment of an appropriate pool of experts imposes higher standards on providers such as next level consulting. Felix Schauerte reports that “it was a strategic decision to invest in this field of business. We have built a substantial network of experienced executives and specialists in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). All of them present elaborate profiles and reputable references, which had been thoroughly checked before their official approval.”

Keyword: More Than Transfer

In some cases, not only an interim manager but entire solution packages are needed. These might range from transferring established scrum teams to other projects to supporting projects with additional tools or coaching services provided by the expert. next level consulting offers such qualitative services.

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