Our Interim Managers Walter Sedlacek

14. June 2024

Walter Sedlacek has been a trainer and coach for the next level consulting team in Austria, Germany, the UK and South East Asia since 2013. In a short interview, he provides insights into himself and his work.

1) Can you describe yourself in a few words?

I have managed various international IT projects for the US car manufacturer General Motors, including the implementation of more than 10,000 standardised desktop systems in six countries. Later, I was responsible for the introduction of project management in the UK at T-Systems / Deutsche Telekom, established cloud computing in the regional data centre in Singapore and implemented a cyber security standard worldwide in 22 countries.

2) What professional experience do your clients benefit from?

I gained my professional experience in an international environment and was able to expand my intercultural understanding in addition to my professional skills.

My previous activities include

  • Business Development in South East Asia (APAC)
  • Head of the Security Team of the Zero Outage Industry Standard Association
  • Global transformation (change management) of a corporate group to integrate a security standard (Cyber Security Standard) into all daily operations and processes
  • Education and training to set up project management offices (PMOs) to realise cost savings
  • Introduction and set-up of cloud computing in the regional data centre in Singapore
  • Introduction and development of international IT engineering labs around virtualisation technology in London, Barcelona, Zurich and Vienna
  • Implementation of a PMO and PMI content to standardise project management methodology for 70 project managers and 170 programmes and projects in the UK
  • Transformation of IT business processes through business process reengineering and the implementation of a company-wide ERP system (SAP) to achieve cost optimisation and continuous improvement

3) What were your last assignments?

Most recently, I supported a project to introduce a strategic product in the banking sector.

After that, I was involved in change management for a global IT transformation in a corporate group. In parallel to these projects, I have been working within next level consulting for a few years on the development of our location in South East Asia.

4) What do your clients particularly appreciate about your performance as an interim manager? And how do you manage to familiarise yourself with a new mandate as quickly as possible?

Over 20 years of international management experience in Europe, the USA and South East Asia

5) Why do you think it makes sense for companies to use interim managers?

Interim managers have no "hidden agenda", i.e. they only work on the job and not on their career in the company.

6) What do you do when you're not doing IM?

I am married with two wonderful daughters, love Asia and its cultures and spend as much time there as possible. I am also a keen diver, squash player and cinephile.

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