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Planning and Starting Projects

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Starting a project is its most critical phase. If anything is missed out at the beginning, it will have to be caught up on later – usually at a high cost. This training will enable you to successfully initiate a project and, so doing, create a solid foundation for your project and its success.

What you will learn

  • Project management as an approach to successfully running a project
  • Defining a project and creating a clear project assignment
  • Designing project start processes
  • Setting up and conducting a project kick-off workshop and a project sponsor meeting
  • Analysing the project’s context: project boundaries and project context analysis
  • Planning the scope of a project: project deliverables plan and work breakdown structure
  • Setting up timelines: project milestone plan and Gantt chart
  • Developing resource and cost plans
  • Establishing an organisational and communication structure
  • Defining work packages and allocating tasks
  • Overview: identifying and managing risks
  • Documenting projects

This training is part of the "Compact Course in Project Management".

If you book the entire Compact Course in Project Management, you will benefit from our discounted package price.

All information at a glance (PDF)

trainer and consultant

Ing. Ľubomír Slocík
Senior Consultant next level consulting
Meet our trainers
Peter Sochna
Consultant next level consulting
Meet our trainers
Dr. Roland Weissenbök
Senior Consultant next level consulting
Meet our trainers

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Venues and Dates

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Free Book
Let your projects fly
This book is designed as an operative project management reference. Proven methods accompanied by pictures and examples, detailed descriptions of project management start, controlling and closure as well as tools and checklists, ensure immediate practicability in your own project.
Free Software
next project light+
With this software tool, you can quickly and easily plan and manage small projects and tasks that are not really projects, yet similar to projects. We call them project-like tasks.
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