Christiane Baer

Senior Consultant next level consulting

My work consists of everything that has to do with managing relationships. Because I think that leadership and management are mostly about relationship building. I support people in all kinds of development and change projects in designing roles, developing teams and resolving conflicts. I reflect on complex relationship systems in coaching sessions and develop helpful communication methods in trainings together with the participants. My work benefits from my structured methods and a good sense for cultural details as well as they way I dedicate my heart and my mind to my work.

My qualifications

  • Systemic organisation consultant
  • Systemic mediator
  • Lawyer
  • Religious pedagogue



My experience

  • Consulting in a change process/organisational development in a central ecclesiastical administrative unit
  • Consulting on the creation of an international team after redefining processes
  • Strategy development in ecclesiastical and socio-economic organisations (development and introduction of balanced scorecards)
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership and team development within a large-scale project


I am enthusiastic about a lot of things: Spending an evening with friends, French cuisine, exciting books, going to a festival, cabaret shows and last but not least, my city: Berlin.