Jürgen Gutmayer

Senior Consultant next level consulting

I am particularly interested in project management tasks. Complex set-ups, international structures, major projects, challenging overall solutions with the integration of various partners. My personality and energy help me to deliver goal-oriented results. I combine entrepreneurial thinking, technical understanding, commercial orientation and the inclusion of legal framework conditions into a holistic view that is necessary in order to achieve and over-fulfill commercial requirements.

My common sense and the sporty picking up of the entire team opens up access to the team in order to commit them to the overall goal with clear instructions. It is people working together that form the basis for achieving goals.

The general goal for the area as well as my personal goal is the will to achieve the set goals. Generated values must exceed costs for a long-term sustainable commitment. Success stories and customer feedback prove it's a reality: external resources bring a potentially valuable new perspective.

My qualifications

  • Graduate engineer for production and automation technology
  • Decades of C-level roles in companies
  • Many years of sparring with executives and owners
  • IPMA® certified project manager, various other SIEMENS employee management training courses


My experience

  • Responsible project manager for major telecom & logistics projects
  • Decades of successful entrepreneur & CEO in IT companies
  • Experience at various interface topics (product management, business development, sales)
  • Digitization experience (IoT, various IT solutions, ...)



I enjoy spending time with my family, my family supports me in challenging times. I absolutely love playing tennis and soccer, and was also a tennis coach for 20 years. I am interested in forms of investment (real estate & stock market).