Martin Maly, uPM

Senior Consultant next level consulting

I focus on promoting social skills in project management, process management and change management. I also hold the following seminars: Planning and Starting Projects, Controlling and Closing Projects, Leading Interdisciplinary Project Teams, Communicating in Projects, Seeing conflict as an Opportunity, Dealing with Change and Resistance in Projects, Negotiating Professionally in Projects, Leading Project Meetings, Work-Life-Balance for Project Managers, Reality Training in Project Management, Leading Intercultural Project Teams, etc. I also advise companies on how to professionally establish project management, strategy, structural and cultural developments including change processes and I coach individuals or teams in conflict situations.

My qualifications

  • Diploma in Social Work - Specialisation: Probation Aid and Conflict Control
  • Academy degree in Project Management (uPM)
  • Diploma in Outdoor Education
  • Systemic Psychotherapist i.A.


My experience

  • Social work, probation assistance, conflict control, anti-violence training groups, outdoor education
  • Implementation of project management in various companies (plant construction, telecommunication, IT, health care, airport operators, public administration, pharmaceutical, universities, etc.)
  • Strategy development for an international health company
  • Personal coaching for top managers and project managers in different industries
  • Structural and cultural development in an Austrian health company
  • Conflict mediation in various companies


I have 3 great kids and we are living in a private 3-family row house project with two other families since 2003 and we are still friends. I like every kind of ball sports, cycling and winter sports. Besides, I am passionate collector of fun comic strips and films.