Michael Goldschmidt

Consultant, Development & Customizing next level solutions

I work in the field of customising and development as well as software training with a focus on project and process management. My technical focus is on the development of interfaces and the development and maintenance of databases. I am technically responsible for the tools of next portfolio and next process and am the technical contact for our partner tools.

My qualifications

  • Certified Process Manager (PcP)®
  • Various project management and process management trainings
  • Various software development and database trainings


My experience

  • Development and improvement of our standard tools (next project, next portfolio, next process)
  • Customer-specific modifications of varying complexity with a focus on next portfolio and interfaces to third-party systems (databases, SAP, SharePoint, MS Office, etc.)
  • Qualification of users with a focus on next project, but also partner products such as ARIS
  • Maintenance and support of the next level solutions-specific development and testing environment as well as customer-specific solutions with a focus on solutions utilising databases


Apart from my work at next level consulting, I am a volunteer fireman. I also love singing and hiking with my family.