Roland Kockert, MBA

Senior Consultant next level consulting

I am particularly interested in all tasks in the area of project and change management. It is a concern of mine to design change processes in such a way that sustainable change is brought about. This is achieved through the targeted involvement of those affected and the systemic view of an organisation. My focus lies on consulting and training.

My qualifications

  • Certified Systemic Consultant (UNI Graz)
  • Certified Agile Scrum Master (EXIN)
  • Agile Scrum Foundation (EXIN)
  • Master of Business Administration in Change Management (MBA)
  • Graduate engineer for building services engineering (FH)


My experience

  • 20 years of experience in various management positions (trade and service)
  • Restructuring of commercial enterprises
  • Project development of large green energy plants
  • Mapping of business models with the help of the Business Model Canvas
  • Development of performance-based remuneration systems
  • Conception and facilitation of workshops to improve communication within a team and to increase employee satisfaction



In my private life, I spend a lot of time with my wife and our two children. The focus is clearly on outdoor activities. Cycling, running, skiing, hiking or mountain climbing are definitely part of it. Others would say I have a mountain affinity that you wouldn't normally expect from someone living in Burgenland. To relax, I stroll through nature or listen to music.