Mag. (FH)
Sylvia Gawor

Consultant, Development & Customizing next level solutions

Sylvia Gawor, next project consulting

I handle requirements management for tool deployment at our customers, as well as all other tasks such as customising, testing and supporting the tools. As the product manager of next project, I take care of its development and am therefore particularly interested in all methods and tools in the field of project management that support and simplify the work of the project manager. In my varied working environment, I am also responsible for creating the videos for our learning programmes. Everything from the script and video shoot to video editing falls within my remit. If there is time, I am happy to support internal HR projects.

My qualifications

  • Degree in Project Management and Information Technology
  • Computer Science (TU Vienna)
  • Business Law (WU Vienna)
  • Certified Apprentice Trainer (Wifi Vienna)
  • Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro (Wifi Vienna)
  • Payroll Accounting (Wifi Vienna)
  • Human Resource Management Basis (Wifi Vienna)


My experience

  • Development and customisation of tools to support project and process management
  • Development of explanatory videos in the "Kurz & Bündig" format for a better understanding of our focus topics (script, creation of animated short videos in Vyond, video shooting, audio post-production and video editing)
  • Development of a toolset based on MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) with extensive interfaces
  • Requirements management and advice on the use of tools
  • Interim management: project assistance and programme office at a large German insurance company
  • Collaboration on various internal HR projects (home office, further training...)


I spend most of my time with my family, I am also busy with the house and garden. However, I like to escape from everyday life as often as possible and devote myself to my greatest passion: traveling. When I'm not lost in family chaos or planning my next trip, I read, go swimming, dancing or walking.