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Project Example "Sand Pit"

Who would have thought that you can turn a sandpit into a project?

Initial Situation:

  • After building of our new home and the landscaping of the garden, we wanted to build a sandpit.
  • However, no standard sandpit would do. We wanted a massive sandpit with sunscreen, sunken into the ground.
  • As project manager, of course the project had to be planned properly. However, as with any project, there were technical problems and the actual expenditures and external costs were higher than budgeted at the project start.
  • The task similar to a project was documented in less than an hour with next project light!

Description and Experience:

  • sandpit made of granite, with awning, lawn and soil anchor; approximately 1.20 x 2.40 x 0.45 m inside dimensions, about 2.00 x 3.00 x 2.30 m outside dimensions
  • Material: 80 granite curbs 10/10/50 cm 20/30/50 cm 4 granite steps, granite panels 30/30/3 30 cm, 90 cm 9/9/5 granite paving stones, sand and cement for concrete , 6 steel ground anchors, 3 timber floor boards, 4 logs, Awning (7.00 x 1.40 m cloth), gravel for base, fleece 10 m2, sand for paving stone joints, play sand about 0.6 m3, ebony wood preservative, 4 hatchets
  • Working time: About 50 Ph, material costs: 500 €
  • Construction: Frame granite curbs on 5cm concrete foundation and concrete-sided 8 cm wedge ground granite panels in sand on fabric and 5cm gravel
  • Procedure: spanning internal dimensions with sticks and yarn, make use of massive tracks to cure the established curbs separation of gravel base and ground through a web
  • Learning effect: Since granite is a natural stone, the measurements are only rough information, there are granite stones that are 49cm high and some that are 51cm high, also they are not as wide and flat. So you have to be careful which stones you fit together and the calculated joint width was significantly lower than the actual demand. So the granite panels had to be partially cut and the joints in the 4 large seating stones were significantly greater than planned. The wind pulls quite heavily on the awning, so that after 2 months it was stretched by 2 cm. Do not underestimate the weight, just the granite weighs roughly 1.5 tons.

Download example for a project data document


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