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A manual for all your projects. This tool allows you to plan and manage your (hybrid) projects quickly and easily.

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Clear, standardised and comprehensible planning is the prerequisite for professional project management. Whether agile or traditional, this tool helps you to focus on project content and utilise proven project management methods. This project handbook works on the basis of MS Excel, making it particularly easy to get started.

A quick start

next project Software

A quick start

In its simplest form, the Excel-based tool does not need to be installed and is ready to use immediately.

next project supports all established project management methods and visualises the project plans from work breakdown structure to risk portfolio, which is why project managers can usually use key functions intuitively.

Webinars and classroom training sessions make it easy to get started straight away - you can become an application expert in just one day!

Impress your project owner and your project team with up-to-date, visualised and appealing project plans and use the time you gain to focus on your project!

Precisely tailored to your needs

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Precisely tailored to your needs

We offer to customise next project to your specific needs:

This includes user-defined fields, design adjustments to the work breakdown structure or Gantt charts, adapting terms to your corporate language, changing calculations or removing elements - right through to interfaces to existing third-party systems.

With software that suits your organisation, we increase the efficiency of users and support their intrinsic motivation when planning and managing projects.

We support you from requirements management to user qualification for your customised project management solution!

Flexible licence model

Armin Buchner, next level consulting

Flexible licence model

In addition to the free and unlimited light version, we offer a flexible and simple licence model. next project can be purchased once or rented without an initial investment.

next project already offers comprehensive basic functionality: a user licence starts at 875 euros in the purchase version. However, optional licence modules (especially interfaces) are available (which can also be activated at a later date if required).

You can use a price calculator to configure the tool according to your requirements and calculate the licence costs yourself.

Work breakdown structure

One of the most important project plans that goes beyond standard performance planning. Create your customised work breakdown structure with different layouts to choose from:

  • Visualise your project even for project management amateurs.
  • Customise the design to suit your needs and target groups: Fold in completed phases, present the project clearly on one page or individual phases in detail - with progress bars and colour differentiation.
  • Show what needs to be done in the project: what has already been completed, where there are problems and who is responsible for the work packages.
Work breakdown structure
next project Projektstrukturplan
Project organisation chart

Organisational and social aspects contribute significantly to the success of projects:

  • Plan a functioning project organisation and create clarity of roles for everyone involved.
  • Define your project organisation in one place and use this as the basis for responsibilities for work packages, measures and to-dos.
  • Visualise who works in the project team, sits on the project steering committee or which sub-teams there are and who leads them.
Project organisation chart
next project Organigramm

Control your project using a simple tabular milestone plan - or visualise a detailed linked Gantt chart:

  • Initially leave deadlines open, enter them manually or use a helpful calendar and calculate them using durations, links and work calendars.
  • Customise the level of detail and timescale to suit your needs.
next project Gantt
Stakeholder analysis

Define clusters, identify stakeholders, analyse relationships and derive measures:

  • Do not underestimate the social context of your project and devote sufficient time to analysing the stakeholders.
  • Visualise the stakeholders in defined clusters and with regard to their criticality.
  • Define and document suitable measures to shape the relationship with your project environment in the interests of the project.
Stakeholder analysis
next project Stakeholder
Risk analysis

Although the realisation of risks is uncertain, a professional project team plans and manages your project risks:

  • Identify, evaluate and visualise your risks in a risk portfolio in terms of probability of occurrence and impact.
  • Recognise quickly whether critical risks are developing appropriately and record sensible control measures in writing.
Risk analysis
next project Risikomanagement
Resource and cost planning

It is becoming increasingly important whether the deadlines can be met with the limited personnel resources and whether the project is within budget:

  • With next project, the project can be planned in the appropriate level of detail.
  • The personnel requirements can be determined automatically over the time axis using planned deadlines and effort per work package.

With adequate cost planning, you can keep an eye on what has already been planned, ordered, invoiced and paid for!

Resource and cost planning
next project Ressourcenkosten
Sprint plan and sprint statistics

Do you work hybrid and want to keep an eye on the phases in which you work agile in terms of performance progress, deadlines, resources and costs?

  • In addition to the conventional PM methods, next project offers the option of scheduling sprints and recording and evaluating user stories.
  • In a sprint plan, the project client receives a comprehensible overview and can recognise changes in progress and deviations via the sprint statistics.
Sprint plan and sprint statistics
next project Ressourcenkosten
Table of contents

By categorising projects, MUST methods can be specified in the table of contents according to the complexity of the project.

In admin mode, specifications can be customised and structural specifications can be changed, which form the framework for project managers.

Project managers can also use optional methods via the table of contents, export the project planning as a PDF document or generate a PowerPoint presentation fully automatically.

Table of contents
Next project Inhalte

next project is embedded in the Microsoft Office environment, so it is possible to import MS Project, export it to PowerPoint or SharePoint and exchange AP specifications bidirectionally.

next project works both standalone and without an internet connection, but can also exchange information with next portfolio via a database.

Interfaces to third-party systems (such as ERP systems) can also be implemented by means of customising.

Next project Schnittstellen

next project light

next project light is the free basic version of next project. This fully functional tool allows you to plan and manage small projects and project-like tasks fast and easily.
Next project Ressourcenplan

What our clients say

Ing. Philip Kadensky
Head of Project and Process Management, REWE International AG

"After more than 5 years of using it internationally, next project by next level consulting is still our standard software for mapping projects. Through customizing, we now have the exact methods that we want to use in our company and we do not have to use several different solutions. With a brief initial training, the tool is also quickly ready for use for new colleagues."

Ing. Andreas Mollik
Division Manager, ÖBB-Technische Services GmbH

"The next project software solution offers a clear and well-structured presentation of the project landscape, which generates a quick identification and processing of the project status, project progress and changes in the project. This ensures the best possible support in coordinating the project."

Christoph Doerfflern
Head of Project Management, AUSTRIAN ENERGY AGENCY

"The Austrian Energy Agency is a project-oriented, non-profit scientific association.The efficient management of our projects is particularly important for our customers and our employees. With next level consulting, we set up the necessary tools (next project and next portfolio) in the establishment phase and then continuously developed them in line with the requirements. As a result, we have optimized the management of our projects and are therefore well equipped for the future. Through regular project management training and other project management activities, we create the basis for the continuous development of the project culture at the Austrian Energy Agency."

Mag. Jakob Flora, cPM
Customer service and bank organization, Project Competence Center, Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH

"next level consulting’s project manual is a professional complete solution for the execution of small and medium-sized projects. At ARZ, next project has been successfully used for 8 years. The great advantages for us are the simple and logical structure as well as the variety of possibilities to adapt the software to individual requirements. Through interfaces to project administration, next project has become an indispensable part of our overall solution in our company."

Armin Bäum
MPM, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

"next project was provided to us as an alternative to MS Project. After a brief introduction and qualification of the project managers and project staff, I as a multiproject manager have noticed that the tool has established itself very quickly. The tool has been continuously adapted for us in order to meet operational requirements. The functionality is outstanding and the interface to iQReP simplifies handling in multiproject management. The services of next level consulting can only be described as excellent. The competence and the reaction times of the employees are outstanding, which is particularly important in the fast-moving project business."

Siegfried Weikl, B.A.
Project Manager, BUWOG AG

"Through my many years of experience as a project manager in the BUWOG Group, I know how important it is to make a defined project plan as transparent and comprehensible as possible for the entire project organization.
With the recent use of next project in the company, we were able to meet these requirements as well as simplify daily handling and the necessary project reporting for affected project members."

Peter Minar, MSc
Partner, next level holding GmbH

"We use the next pm suite ourselves. The project managers plan the projects and tasks with next project and have to report a current status every other month. The data in next portfolio is updated via project assignments and status reports, and on this basis decisions are made in the framework organization, and projects are prioritized. I've seen a lot of tools in my consulting context with customers, and although I appreciate the project management maturity level in our company, I chose this simple and widely accepted IT support."

Mag. Ingrid Spicker
Division Manager "Gesunde Stadt - Gesunde Organisationen", Wiener Gesundheitsförderung

"We implement health promotion projects in various areas – district, kindergarten, school or company. With next project our project managers now have a tailor-made tool which not only supports them during the ongoing project implementation, but also in the planning of projects in complex environments. Not least because of the tailor-made alignment and the easy handling, the project manual finds much acceptance in the organization."

Ing. Markus Zotlöterer
Service Engineering Lok, ÖBB-Technische Services GmbH

"As a "newly minted" project manager I came into contact with next project by next level solutions for the first time. Many of the methods learned in the theory of project management can be found again and worked with immediately. It is amazing how complex the project work is, but with next project I have a tool at hand, which makes my work much easier."

Norbert Martens
Manager Project Realization-System Integrators, NEDCON Magazijninrichting B.V.

"About 5 years ago we implemented the project management approach of next level consulting within our company. We have also implemented several tools that have brought us significant steps forward in the controlling process of our projects - like next project. We are very satisfied with the monitoring, as well as, reporting purposes. This provides us the reports and overviews on progress of projects in all relevant aspects."